Moon Spanjer

My name is Moon Spanjer, physician and researcher in the field of metabolism and hormones. Founder of Body Logic.

Physician and researcher

My name is Moon Spanjer, physician and women's health researcher. Founder of Body Logic.

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Ten years ago, I was captivated by the beautiful metabolism of women. A great inspiration was the work of Raymond Peat. I became increasingly aware of the relationship between our metabolism, lifestyle and environment. By adjusting your lifestyle and environment, you can improve your metabolism. A huge insight that is still under-researched. 

This means there are all kinds of possibilities if you are struggling with a health problem where a dysregulated metabolism plays a role. Possibilities I would love to discuss with you. 

'When we ask a question and find an answer, we are changed' - Ray Peat

While studying medicine, I study the disease scleroderma. A rare autoimmune disease that is much more common in women. I saw that dysregulated metabolism plays a role there. As in many other chronic diseases.

As a physician, I worked in elderly care and then in youth health care. I saw many women who had had problems during their pregnancy. How much I would have liked to do more for them!

At Body Logic my long-standing passion for women's health and metabolism comes into play. As a physician I am here to support you. My researcher side helps to translate insights from research to you in a targeted way. This gives you the latest insights to make meaningful changes in your life. 

Curriculum Vitae

Integrative medicine and lifestyle medicine course AIM

Physician Youth Health Service JGZ Kennemerland

Physician nursing home Zorgbalans

Physician-researcher Medical Education LUMC

Research and internship at rheumatology VUmc.

Medicine VU

Bachelor of Health Sciences VU