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For whom

You have looked into nutrition and lifestyle but feel unsteady among so much information. You want to work on your health in a fundamental way. And understand what's behind your complaint. 

I have dealt with the following problems in recent years and seen what lifestyle and (natural) remedies can do. Whatever you suffer from, I am here to help you so that you notice clear changes, understand your body better and know what your body needs to keep feeling good.

In doubt about whether you can come to me? Schedule an initial interview or leave a message.

Want to know how hormones, lifestyle and diet affect your thyroid? The thyroid affects all your cells and is a key figure in your metabolism. Women are more likely to have problems with their thyroid. Yet research has been done mainly on (young) men. This is wry because women really are different from men. I give you new insights you can take forward.

Whether you have symptoms consistent with menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or endometriosis. I can help you rebalance your hormones. A good metabolism ensures the right balance in your hormones. Not surprisingly, with age, not only does metabolism slow down, but the production of the important hormones progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA and testosterone also decreases. Sometimes it can make sense to supplement certain hormones. You can only not come to me for hormone replacement therapy with oestrogen. I am happy to discuss alternatives with you.

Do you have a desire to have children and want to get your body ready for pregnancy? Or has your desire for children not yet come true and are you looking for some extra lifestyle guidance before or during a medical procedure? Even if you have had problems in a previous pregnancy such as hypertension or preeclampsia, I can help you prepare your body as well as possible for your next pregnancy. Also check out Insights. In it, I gathered all my insights on fertility, pregnancy and pregnancy problems.

People with rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma or lupus often have a dysregulated metabolism. You can see this in their immune cells. There is also often an imbalance in various hormones, such as prolactin, parathormone and oestrogen. Unfortunately, very little research has been done on the effect of lifestyle on these imbalances. Yet, based on current research, there are plenty of starting points. Examples include increasing fibre, eating fruit with flavonoids, balancing the minerals calcium and phosphate in food, supplementation with vitamin D and much more. Together, we can see what is appropriate for you.

Dysregulated metabolism, inflammation and fibrosis (scarring) also play a role in other health problems. Examples include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD). Want to know what my insights are at the moment? Then schedule an introductory meeting.

Working method

How do we get started?

We start by carefully mapping your health. A questionnaire and food diary will help. You also let me know what supplements and medications you take and share recent (blood) results. If it is valuable, I can request additional (blood) tests.

This way, I have already delved extensively into your question before the start of the consultation. 

During the first consultation, we discuss the questionnaire, I listen to your story and, if necessary, do a short physical examination. This is how we come to a complete picture of your situation. 


When it is clear where you stand, we can start treatment. No matter how long your complaints exist I believe improvement is always possible. Some problems require more commitment and patience than others.

You yourself feel best whether something works for you. I give you all the support and insights you need from my view on metabolism.

What fundamentals can be covered in Body Logic?

My aim is not to prescribe a diet, but to show you how to build a solid foundation. By eating food that supports your metabolism, that you can digest well and contains enough nutrients. Food that is balanced. With as few harmful substances as possible, of course. Food containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A good portion of fibre every day. And above all, food you enjoy! Good to know: I do not coach low-carb or ketogenic diets.

The dietary supplement industry is unfortunately similar to the pharmaceutical industry. If the goal is to sell as many supplements as possible, how are we really going to understand how they work? Some supplements are certainly useful and I like to make use of a few in my practice. However, there may also be occasions when I actually advise you to stop taking some supplements. Medications can be (temporarily) necessary and also useful. Some can even help your metabolism. Hormones like thyroid hormone and progesterone, for example.

Light is special. Indeed, red light can activate our metabolism. No wonder you feel reborn after a day at the beach. That you feel much better in the summer than in the dark winter. Light can be found in sunlight, but also in special lamps. Using light safely means avoiding UV light and blue light as much as possible without losing the positive properties of light. I can help you use light safely.

Proper breathing ensures sufficient oxygen as well as sufficient carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is almost as important in the body as oxygen. Not just a waste actually. When we burn our food completely we get CO2. In plants, CO2 a building material. In our bodies, COAmong other things, it ensures that oxygen can do its job. This keeps your metabolism running properly. If you breathe more slowly and not too deeply, you keep more CO2 fixed. With certain exercises and tools, you can learn to breathe better.

Exercise makes you strong, warm and lowers your stress hormones. Thus, it contributes to your metabolism. But too much exercise, exercise that 'has to' can also have the opposite effect. Meaningful exercise is playful and muscle-building. I want you to look forward to (being allowed to) exercise. That you can't resist a walk, a workout or a dance. 

What does your body need? How does it feel when your metabolism is working optimally? And how does your body react to what you do and experience? Through relaxation and awareness, you get the answer. There are all kinds of techniques that can help you get more in touch with your body. Your body tells a story. Are you listening?

Where you live, work and live also affects your metabolism and thus your health. People need clean air, clean water and clean food. New experiences. Connection with nature and the people around us. Feeling significant. It matters whether you live in a busy city or a mountain village. The environment is there to support you. We will look at how to make your environment more healing.

Offer and prices

Introduction (free of charge)

  • What are you running into?
  • 20 min

Comprehensive consultation (€275)

A flying start to getting started with your health

  • Intake consultation (75 min) and follow-up consultation (30 min) after one month
  • Comprehensive health check
  • Thorough analysis of your symptoms and appropriate treatment plan
  • Handy handouts, meal ideas and recipes tailored to you
  • Includes one-year subscription to Body Logic Insights

3-month Intensive Program (€1125)

You want to take several steps to improve your health and are looking for guidance to do so

  • One intake consultation (75 min) followed by 4 consultations (50 min)
  • Comprehensive health check 
  • Thorough analysis of your symptoms and appropriate treatment plan
  • Personal coaching and customisation (also between consultations) up to 2 hours of my time 
  • Knowing and evaluating what nutrition, lifestyle and complementary treatments do to your body
  • Handy handouts, meal ideas and recipes tailored to you
  • Includes one-year subscription to Body Logic Insights

Short consultation (€95)

A 45-minute consultation with a brief assessment of your symptoms and specific tactics to address them. For new and old clients.

Body Logic Insights (€49 per year)

An Extended Consult and the Intensive Track include a one-year subscription to Body Logic Insights. New insights on metabolism, hormones and women's health. And ideas for putting these into practice. Also available separately from a consultation. 


A treatment with me can be in addition to any other treatments you undergo. You do not need a referral, although it is certainly welcome. Please note that I do not treat urgent complaints. I will gladly inform your GP or treating specialist (with your permission, of course).

All consultations are also available online.
Postpone or cancel an appointment? You can do so free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. See also my terms and conditions.


It is sometimes possible to be reimbursed in part from supplementary insurance because I am a member of the Doctors' Association for Integrative Medicine (AVIG). Please indicate this in the introductory meeting. 


All prices include VAT. Costs for any additional (blood) tests and prescriptions are not included. 

For all consultations and trajectories, you pay the invoice in advance of the (first) consultation. The invoice will be sent via e-mail. 

No consultation?

Metabolic Essentials

Don't want a consultation, but curious about Metabolic Essentials background articles, meal ideas and recipes? Are you looking for more depth? A year's access to the Metabolic Essentials: (xx,-).

Email consultation

Have you come across a survey and want to know if and how it applies to you? An email consultation is also a possibility. (25,- per 15 minutes)


Call me for an appointment (06-57319542) or send an email to:

I am a member of the AVIG. Some supplementary insurances partially reimburse a consultation. Check your insurance.

Invoice via e-mail

Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment can be done up to 24 hours in advance.