'Metabolism is key to health'

Moon Spanjer,
Physician and researcher

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Are you consciously working on your health but getting stuck? Need a different perspective on health? Many health problems start with a metabolism that is no longer working optimally. And you can do something about that!

Do you want to understand where your symptoms come from? Work on your health in a fundamental way? Let me support you.

For the past 10 years, I have been studying the female metabolism. Metabolism provides the energy that makes us alive. With that energy, you feel energetic, your hormones are balanced and your digestive and immune systems work as they should. 

At Body Logic, we look at the state of your metabolism. And teach you how to influence it yourself. With attention to you as a unique person. This creates a plan to revive your metabolism, the fire within your body.

A new approach

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Moon taught me how to use nutrition to better support my own body. After two days of eating differently, I immediately felt a lot more energetic. Now that I have changed my lifestyle, I also recover faster and can deal with stress much better!
Energised by food
paediatric physiotherapist (30 years)
For years, I have been walking with an enlarged thyroid. When I developed symptoms, I asked Moon for advice. With a few small adjustments, I already felt improvement. Medication is not necessary for now.
retired (67 years)

Insights for women and healthcare professionals

Newsletter with insights on metabolism in women's health

Every three months, I publish a substantive newsletter reporting on my research. In accessible articles, I discuss the latest scientific findings related to women's health.

What exactly is the role of nutrition, metabolism and the environment on health? What knowledge is available but not (yet) applied in daily medical practice? Which ailments can be tackled with lifestyle instead of (or in addition to) drugs?

In 2023, I focus on maternal and child health around pregnancy - with new, thought-provoking, well-researched ideas!

The doctor behind Body Logic

My name is Moon Spanjer. Doctor and researcher. While studying Medicine, I did not know what I wanted to specialise in. But I did have one passion: metabolism as a source of health.

After years of self-education, I followed my heart and started Body Logic. This is where I put my passion into practice. Of course, there was no specialisation for me. After all, all organs in your body need a functioning metabolism.

Such a well-functioning metabolism, I wish you that too! And the practical insights I get from research I want to share with you. 

My mission is to give you the knowledge and tools to take control of your health. Knowing what your body needs. What you can do yourself. On the road to a vital metabolism. 

Because if your metabolism works well, and you make enough energy, you can live!

Moon Spanjer

Moon Spanjer

Physician & researcher

Moon Spanjer

Moon Spanjer

Physician & researcher

Moon Spanjer

Physician & researcher


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