Mother and baby

Can you prevent birth defects in your unborn baby?

Congenital defects such as a harelip or heart defect do not just happen. Often, the cause is not found. Almost always, several factors play a role. Using the stories of three children with congenital anomalies, I discuss what factors these may be. With that information, I hope

young woman taking her temperature with a thermometer

Non-hormonal birth control

Are you considering natural contraception? You are not the only one. Some 14% of young women use a natural method according to research by Rutgers. In this article, I talk about hormone-free contraception, how GPs deal with this question, different methods of hormone-free contraception and my own experience. Hormone-free contraception What is

A healthy pregnancy

Careful with salt in pregnancy?

As a woman, should you be careful with salt in pregnancy? Let's look at the physiology of pregnancy. This is because a woman's body changes during pregnancy. It adapts and starts functioning in a certain way so that it can make new life possible. All these changes that is

Multivitamin is not necessary in pregnancy

Is a pregnancy multivitamin necessary?

What are you taking? Half of all pregnant women take a multivitamin during pregnancy. Handy isn't it that everything you need is in one pill, including the recommended folic acid and vitamin D? Many brands recommend starting it before pregnancy and taking it after

Pregnant woman with glass of milk and hand on her pregnant belly

Does nutrition affect foetal growth?

The idea that nutrition has little impact on foetal health and growth is fortunately disappearing. Nutrition has our attention. Yet, as far as I am concerned, that attention could be greater. After all, we often assume that pregnant women do eat well. But is that really the case? A


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