'Curious about the role of metabolism in your health?'

What are the latest insights on women's health and metabolism?

In the Body Logic Insights, I show how diet, supplements and our environment affect a woman's metabolism. 

I address several issues surrounding pregnancy. Such as problems with fertility. The development of birth defects. A foetus not growing properly. If we look at these problems holistically and include the influence of hormones and metabolism - it turns out that there are many more ways to support the health of the woman and the unborn child.

Hormones covered are, of course, oestrogen and progesterone. But also many others. Such as prolactin, parathormone and serotonin. All affect metabolism and cannot be separated. 

I will show why it is better not to call oestrogen the 'female' hormone. In fact, too much of this so-called 'female' hormone is not good for our fertility. And serotonin? That is not a happiness substance. In fact, it plays a role in the development of preeclampsia.

Ultimately, the Insights come down to this: we are beautiful and logically put together. It is largely our lifestyle and environment that makes us sick. And we can do something about that. 

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How do I look for the latest insights?

With my background in medicine and scientific research, I feel like a fish in water in the scientific literature. My passion lies in searching for answers in that mountain. To connect millions of individual islands of research. And then to translate it back into clinical practice. 

When I dive into something, I include different forms of research:

The Body Logic Insights consist of a total of 9 articles with scientific references. In 2023, I will take you through the topic of woman, pregnancy and child. 

Also highly recommended for the healthcare professional (interested in lifestyle)!

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Women's health, Pregnancy and Child

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About Insights

Moon takes you through her fascinating quest to make your pregnancy as healthy as possible. She shares many of her insights after her extensive research. She does not shy away from thinking outside the box but does not lose sight of current guidelines and advice. Her motivation to give the expectant mother and her growing foetus the healthiest possible start is something that makes you happy. After all, a good start is half the battle and prevention is better than cure. And how nice is it when someone helps you find the right information you can take further yourself?
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